Human Affect AD HOC UNIT

Human Rights Learning Through Art, Athletics and Science


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Human Affect Events



Spring/Summer Internship 2013, July 8th, 2013 - October 5th


Weekly Press Engagements Begins, July 18th - October 3rd, 2013


July 16th - September 31st, 2013 - Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation WEEKLY SUMMER "Yoga Tuesday's: UN DAG Park" 47th @ 1st Ave, 12noon - 3PM, RESUMES For Summer 2013


New Member Training, August 2nd - 3rd, 2013


"International Youth Summer Hot Spot Connect for Peace and Reconciliation, July 24th - Sept. 24, 2013, 11am - 3pm


HAAHU "Youth UN Human Rights Arts Summer Camp", August 18th - 31st , 2013 - New York, NY


Deadline for HAAHU Fall/Spring Internship, September 1st, 2013


UN General Assembly "International Day of Peace HAAHU Youth Summit, "September 20th - 23rd, 2013


HAAHU "Youth Peace Ambassador" and "Youth Excellence" Graduation and Reception, October 5th, 2013


"Celebrating 50th Anniversary of OAU"

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AD HOC UNIT Administration Departments and Headquarters

International Headquarters

         New York, New York


Regional Headquarters:


  • Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Bucharest, Romania
  • Tobago/Tabago, West Indies 



 Administrative Departments:


  • New Member Registration and Training 
  • Policy in Action
  • Lecture Circuit
  • Human Affect Tour
  • International Peace Maker Training
  • International Youth Internship 
  • Human Affect Higher Learning Center 
  • Yoga 4 Peace Reconciliation
  • LiteHouse Media
  • Human Affect Data and Statistics
  • Creative Advocacy
  • Implementation Initiative Activation
  • United Nations 



 International Human Affect Expert Team Leaders:


  •  Sandra Nelson  "Akiwa Gizzel"  Founder, International Administrator
  •  Mawahib Mohamed , Ways and Means, Co Chair
  •  Valentina Harari,  Sustainable Business, Co Chair 
  •  Nancy Ngobe, Diplomacy Relations, Co Chair
  •  Stephanie Rosenberg, Artistic Policy in Action, Co Chair 
  •  Frank Cowie, Data and Statistics, Co Chair
 International AD HOC Offices:
  • Human Rights 
  • Indigenous Rights
  • Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change
  • Millennium Development Goals
  • Peace and Security
 International Issues Unit Offices:
  • Domestic Abuse/Violence Against Women
  • Economic-Social-Ecological Sustainability
  • Racism/Tolerance
  • Human Trafficking of Young Girls and Boys for the Sex Trade
  • Child Soldiers In Combat/Refuge Issues
  • Homelessness/Poverty
  • HIV/AIDS and Other Diseases
  • Climate Change and Other Disasters
  • Indigenous Issues/Genealogy
  • Women’s Birth Health/Child Health and Water as Right


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