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On March 28th, 2014 Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit, sister partnership helm and Sustainable Development Rio + 20 Major Group IGO on Indigenous People's, adopted the Indigenous, Original, Aboriginal People's International/Global Common's framework as their principle Implementation platform.  Adoption of Indigenous People's Commons for awareness and action towards attaining holistic, sustainable solutions that are respectful and honorable for humanity and planet mother earth healing are essential as rights base mechanism.  

We invite you to join Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit and LongHouse Treaty Nations on this amazing journey as we advocate, lobby and implement international/global solutions that are in consensus with ones human, sovereign and universal rights of Indigenous, Original and Aboriginal People's cultural, tradition, intellectual, earth, sustainable, life and living, land, food, water, nature, spiritual, environmental, wildlife, birth and guardian rights as stewards and keepers of human and planet mother earth balance.

LongHouse Treaty Nations seek to encourage, develop and implement universal centering through understanding ones being in creation a human being of peace that sustains and keeps life, living and all life sustaining elements sacred and protected for generations to come within sustainable human and planet mother earth traditional and modern measurement of balanced stewardship.

Indigenous, Original and Aboriginal People's Natural, Sacred Commons

                                                                                Indigenous People's Commons and Common Heritage

Commons amongst Aboriginal/Original/Indigenous People's internationally, who emanate from those lands, is a respectful inclusive approach of decision making based on consensus and the recognition that both men and women bring their own differing but equally gifts to the process.  Aboriginal/Original/Indigenous Peoples as custodians of the lands and waterways understand the interdependence between People's, all living things and the environment, cognizant of our responsibility as caretakers for the many future generations of children not yet born.  These values and ways of seeing and being ensure our resources are utilized in sustainable ways for our communities, our landscapes, our water ways and planet mother earths evolving nature.  Indigenous People's comprise up of over and estimated measured 400-500 million and countless more Aboriginal/Original/Indigenous People's, internationally/globally that manage and produce commons infrastructure(s) that are organized, coordinated, traditionally sustained and shared upon as an integrated, responsible foundation, on a basis of respect of the understanding sustained within the moral and ethical character of differently but inherently connected cultures, traditions, languages, knowledge and intellectual property built up over the millenniums. Aboriginal/Indigenous/Original People's assert and maintain sovereignty, despite subjugation, displacement and enforced occupation. 
As such, their rights on decision making in areas that impact them, their ancient lands and sacred waterways are all comprised of traditional knowledge learning methods and educational systems. Their contributions, unique perspectives and values of multiple generations of wisdom, from time immemorial, to the broader common good for all people's is interconnected, interrelated and indispensable for full holistic, potential, sustainable development that is based on knowledge platform that initiate sustainable learning and education of all. 

Implementation Actions:

1.  Protective Trusts For Ongoing Preservation of Traditional Knowledge and Learning.
2.  Sustainable Preservation of Language, Culture, Music, Song, Dance, Foods, Safe Traditional Practices for far reaching understanding.
3.  Safety and Security Mechanism that protect Aboriginal/Original/Indigenous Human Rights and Holistic, Sustainable Sovereignty.

UNPFII / LHTH Conference 2014 Housing Package Registration
United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 13
New York, New York United Nations Headquarters May 7th - May27th

UNPFII / LHTH Conference 2014 Housing Package Registration:  Please complete the following

Housing package from May 7th - May 27th is now open for registration. Shared gender friendly apartment living for 20 days in New York City, 4 blocks walk from the United Nations Headquarters. You must be a LongHouse Treaty Nations and Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit Member to apply for the UNPFII Housing Package

LongHouse Treaty Nations 
Annual International Conference
Gathering of the Nations May 23-26, 2014

LongHouse Treaty Nations  Annual International Conference:  
Please complete the following

Register to attend the 3 Day LongHouse Treaty Nations yearly conference 'Gathering of the Nations'.  This year LHTN conference will focus on protecting and maintaining Indigenous People's common's and implementing, holistic far reaching and ongoing solutions for human and planetary sustainability.


World Indigenous People's Day HAAHU and LHTN Celebration
August 9th - 11th, 2014
New York United Nations Headquarters 

World Indigenous People's Day HAAHU and LHTN Celebration:  
Please complete the following

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit and LongHouse Treaty Nations will celebrate World Indigenous People's Day at the United Nations on August 9th. Then come join LHTN and HAAHU for two (2) additional days during the 'Identity Awakening Celebration' from August 10th - 11th, 2014 at the United Nations Headquarters.

Youth and Water Conference/Workshop
June 2nd - 6th, 2014
New York United Nations Headquarters

Youth and Water Conference/Workshop:  
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Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit will host their 1st Annual 'Youth and Water' Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.  International youth will participate in 3 amazing expert roundtables on targets, indicator's and implementation and end with 2 full days of transformation workshops.

*  Please note that Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit does not register ones for attendance to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 'UNPFII'.  For information on how to register for attendance and participation of UNPFII 2014 please visit:  

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