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REACH:   Sustainable Model City Village Development 

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit will be hosting an international training/workshop conference in the Horn of Africa November 23th and 24th, 2013 and you are cordially invited to attend as our special guest.

This special event will be the beginning of a series of training/workshops Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit is offering towards fulling their United Nations Rio + 20 (Sustainable Development Goals) / Post 2015 (Millennium Development Goals) commitment to implement the infrastructure of 23 Sustainable Development Model City Villages Internationally and tour a training/workshop internationally towards raising awareness on the Rio + 20 Agenda and Post 2015 Process.

You may ask what will a model city provide when the issue of sustainability in developing countries are many?  Human Affect replies by saying, "Let's find the solutions together based on the peoples knowledge and experience so that we can build The Future We Want."

Each of the Sustainable Model City Villages Include Sustainable:

Health Clinic
K-12 Schools
Women Economic Center

Non Team Human Affect members must REGISTER within the next 14 Days (By November 20th, 2013) to be in participation of this very important conference.  Team members will only be able to REGISTER 2, from each represented village/city, for attendance (including themselves).

Those attending should be interested in fully engaging the conversation and working within an interconnected solution based team atmosphere.

This is an opportunity to prepare, develop, engage and initiate action based on real, responsible information that is being offered within the international community for all stakeholders.  It is Human Affects hope to assist in sharing this needed information so implementation will be founded on a safe, secure foundation.  

This important conference will offer training on:

- Rio + 20 The Future We Want
- Post 2015 Sustainable Development
- The importance of Sustainable Model City Development
- International Supportive Instruments
- Interconnected Issue Model City seek to eradicate

Team Human Affect actively participates and advocates at the United Nations within the full capacity of their goal of implementing peace and reconciliation.
Also, please note that there will be two (2) online trainings offered during the 2 day conference (November 23 and 24th, 2013) in Nairobi, Kenya.

* REGISTER FOR ONLINE CLASS: November 23rd: Ready, Set, Go!  (preparing for sustainable implementation).  

This training is open for all to participate in.  Registration is required and you should and you should set aside 2 hours for this exciting training.

* REGISTER FOR ONLINE CLASS:  November 24th:  Sustainable City Data!  (Preparing Team Leaders to be responsible data collectors so sustainability can be attained responsibly).

This 2 day training will empower the focus group in applying Responsible Solutions that will assist in ushering human and planet mother earth sustainability.


Upon the completion of the 2 day training Human Affect will light two of the headquarter villages on Tuesday - November 26, 2013

Lighting the 2 headquarter villages will enable preparation, research, ongoing training, development and action to be initiated.

Lighting the 2 headquarter villages will encourage action toward initiating and implementing the Future We Want in fulfilling the Rio + 20 Agenda and Post 2015 Process.

For more information on how to register please visit:  (go to REACH tab) and register immediately for attendance.

We look forward to seeing and working with you.

Thank you,

Team Human Affect

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