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5 Pillars for

R - Responsible working with peoples to find responsible solutions.

E - Economies
rejuvenation of sustainable economies that are traditional a community.

A - Activate Ongoing education, learning and training that activate full potential.

C - Clear
establish goals that can be attained by all stakeholders and peoples.

H - Horizons 
implement an overarching sustainable future.

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit 
Implementation Initiative

United Nations MDG Goal #8 Global Partnerships
Sustainable Development Implementation Initiative

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Responsible accountable solutions that can measured.  These measurements must be fair, inclusive, accurate and accessible.  REACH partnerships are ethical in practice and initiative just, sustainable platforms that create responsible solutions.


Partners of REACH platform initiative must be safe, holistic, integrated, secure, sustainable initiatives that evoke just economic practice and assist in re-establishing safe social, ecological, environmental economies  that eradicate poverty, violence, in-equality, displacement, absorption of rights and descension of holistic cultural and      traditional ways of life and living.


All partners working together within the REACH implementation initiative must have at least 2 sustainable platforms that are organized, protected, on track with the SDG, MDG, Post 2015 Agenda's. These 2 or more REACH Initiatives must be fluid, accessible , accountable, interrelated, holistic, achievable by all that prescribe to the principles of REACH.


The goals for all REACH partners should be clear, concise, transparent, manageable, reliable and should ultimately offer a paradigm shift from exclusive accessibility to inclusive accessibility.  Clear goals are rights based and indispensable!

All human beings, animal life, organisms, ecologies and environments have a natural right to sustainability. REACH  partnership co-operatives are common, need based initiatives.  These common, need based, initiatives are shared collectives for all life and living organisms, ecologies and environments. REACH goals  reach past tomorrow, past next year and past the horizon of 100 years.  REACH horizon must be far REACHing, overarching and must seek to create a sustainable  future that embraces humanity, life and all living ecologies and environments.

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