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Human Affect Events

-April 12th, 2014: Partnership Launch Toast at Sylvana's, Harlem

-April 17th, 2014: Press Engagement w/ Lighthouse Media

-May 6th, 2014, 9am-4pm: HAAHU Dirty Water Initiative Awareness Concert - Griffin Club, 53 Gansevoort St. (Manhattan, near 23rd @7th ave)

-May 8th, 2014 : UNPFII Global Indigenous Home Caucus Prep

-May 9th, 2014: 9am-5:30pm, Church Center, 2nd floor-- GIWC Prep

-May 10-11th, 2014 : UNPII GIPC Prep

-May 12th-23rd, 2014: UNPFII13

-May 20th, 2014 (11AM-1PM): Youth Peace Brunch 

-May 22nd, 2014 (10AM-12:30PM): NGO led briefing

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Human Affect "Policy In Action"         SDG Cluster 4 UN Implementation

Join the Human Affect "Policy In Action" Sustainable Development Goals Cluster 4 United Nations Implementation

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit has established the "Policy In Action Sustainable Development Goals Cluster" 4 UN Implementation.

Human Affect is a youth empowering initiative that utilizes Art, Athletics and Science to implement initiatives for human and planet mother earth sustainability.   We are currently in the UN Post Rio Process known as the Sustainable Development Open Work Group.  We in preparation of developing the frameworks for the High Level Political Forum.

There is much that your input can do in assisting the Policy In Action Sustainable Development Goals Cluster 4 UN Implementation do in attaining human and planet mother earth sustainability.

The Human Affect "Policy In Action" Sustainable Development Goals Cluster 4 United Nations Implementation is in the process of developing 11 core frameworks.  Those 11 frameworks surround the Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit Policy In Action responsible solutions, implementation initiatives, best practices platform. 

The 11 Frameworks the "Policy In Action" SDG Cluster will focus on are: 

1. Domestic Violence/Violence Against Women (With a focus on African and Afro Women and Indigenous Women).

 2.  Economic-Social-Ecological Sustainability

 3.  Racism/Tolerance

 4.  Human Trafficking of Young Girls and Boys for the Sex Trade

 5.  Child Soldiers In Combat

 6.  Homelessness/Poverty

 7.  HIV/Aids and other Diseases

 8.  Climate Change and other Disasters

 9.  Indigenous Issues/Genealogy

10.  Women's Birth Health/Child Health with a Conduit of Water as a Human Right 

11.  International Media 

Within the Human Affect "Policy In Action" SDG Cluster 4 UN Implementation, Team Human         Affect seek to include the concerns of the voiceless, women, children, youth, disabled, artist,     athletes, scientist, Aboriginals, indigenous peoples and the grassroots as key stakeholders in the climate dialogue on holistic sustainability for humanity and planet mother earth.

Steps to take in joining the "Policy in Action SDG Cluster 4 UN Implementation":

1.  Email: [email protected] with a request to be added to the cluster list serve. Email should include:

a.  Name

        b.  Organization, group, network or affiliation

        c.  Out of the 11 topics listed above, please name which areas you are most interested in adding input for implementation. 

 2.  Once you send an email to join the cluster you will be forwarded the password to the titanpads that surround your interest.

3.    You are open to add content to the titanpad.  We request that you state all concerns, issues, conflicts, solutions, possible solutions and implementations.  Your creativity is welcomed.  Also, remember that art, athletics and science are utilized as "Conduit of Holistic Sustainable Action" on all levels.

 Go to the home page sidebar and locate "RECENT BLOGS".  There you will find the latest updates regarding the UN SDG Open Working Group Process, meetings and Human Affect data and research statistics.

 We are looking forward to advocating with you.

Peace and reconciliation,

Team Human Affect

Tele: 1-646-504-8873 (information line) 









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