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Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit:  International Youth Peace Treaty


Youth Peace Brunch 
May 20th, 2014
11:00PM - 1:00PM
United Nations Headquarters
East Terrace
Join Team Human Affect in Launching
'International Youth Peace Treaty'
Youth Peace Ambassador Shani Kibede will offers a look into the work she has accomplished as a 
Human Affect Youth Peace Ambassador.   Shani has completed 1000 of United Nations Intensive Peace Maker Training,  Page Thesis and developed an international youth peace initiative that will launched during this special event honor her work, her empowerment and her international peace work.
Special Guest Speakers
UN Youth Envoy
UN Member States
Commons Action 4 the United Nations
Earth Rights
Human Affect Youth Peace Ambassador
Human Affect Co-Chairs, Advisers and Partners


Peace From Within


Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation Staff


Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation

Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation is a Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit "Policy In Action" Implementation Initiative. It is our goal to initiate and implement International Human and Planet Mother Earth Sustainability by utilizing Yoga meditation as a conduit for offering responsible rights based learning of United Nations and other international instruments. Yoga meditation offers peace from within by enabling ones to cultivate peace at home and abroad one pose at a time. Be a "Yoga Peace Ambassador".

During summer months "Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation" host "Yoga Tuesday's" in DAG Park on 47th street, between 1st and 2nd avenue, directly across from the United Nations from 12noon to 3:00pm.

Yoga is free and offered to the community by Human Affect by "Yoga Youth Peace Ambassador's.  Come join the "Yoga 4 Peace and Reconciliation" Culture of Peace Transormation Movement.
Each Week 15 - 20 minutes of Yoga is offered at the top of each hour and during the second half of each hour team a special guest speaker expert on peace, harmony, reconciliation and human & planet mother earth sustainability will join us preparing the Human Affect "International Youth Peace and Reconciliation" Treaty for Human and Planet Mother Earth Harmony.  Yout are welcom to join Team human Affect for yoga or online! 

Each Yoga session can be accessed online live at:   URL:

Shani Shani Nelson

Yoga Peace Ambassador

 "Sweet Spirit" began Yoga invitro. She and her siblings grew up attending classes with their mom and developing a family tradition of opening their morning with Yoga Sun Salutations and varied methods of Yoga Meditations during the day.

Shani's mother, Chief Akiwa Gizzel, studied her energy and at the age of 5 began to lead her to Hatha Yoga a self sustaining meditation for inner peace, body health and soul balance. By the age of six (6) years old Sweet Spirit began making home videos of her yoga sessions and sharing with her home-schooled network of friends.

Sweet Spirits family origins are Cherokee Native American Indigenous and Ethiopian which led her to draw from her culture and traditions to an energy of Yoga that utilizes the core principles of Hatha Yoga while incorporating in sacred oils and sounds from her family background.

Sweet Spirit prescribes to the Sage in all human beings. Her younger brother Phinease Roaring Lion and younger sister Dancing Wind practice along side her in bringing about Youth Yoga Transformational Healing and Centering Through Yoga Meditation.

Shani began Ancestor Circle, (non governmental organization) at the early age of 8 years old to promote the spirit of re-connection to the elders and one culture and traditions. She is able to express her spirit energy and love for Mother Earth by offering the gifts given to through Creation to assist humanity in finding peace, serenity and love.

Akiwa Gizzel

Yoga Peace Ambassador

Sandra Nelson-Zongo is Cherokee Native American of Ethiopian Ancestry with a multifaceted artistic and business career that has evolved this simple Southern Girl into an International Humanitarian Woman who is on a life mission. As a toddler her mother, a professional fashion and interior designer, had her walking the catwalk at the ripe age of two. From there, she began acting on stage at three and writing poetry by age eight. With her family supporting her in following the footsteps of the Law Heads from her family such as Willie Durham, she opted to follow her heart and began studying the arts in the areas of acting and directing at the University of Texas at Austin while minoring in environmental biology. From there she attended the prestigious acting program at St. Edwards University, but eager to begin her professional career chose to move to Hollywood and implement her well planned entertainment career into action. 

In Hollywood she landed her first job working for Producer/Manager/Director, Lee Daniels. From there Akiwa worked with several Entertainment Executives such as Charlie Goldstein of 20th Century Fox, William Keenan of E! Entertainment and Joel Andryc of 

Saban Entertainment, while teaching acting class on the roof of her loft and shooting headshots and preparing press kits for up and coming artists. From there, Akiwa utilized her music training and began her first Entertainment Company and produced/toured several successful artist in the areas of Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock & Roll and Reggae while simultaneously promoting her first night club The Korner Stone which served on natural juices and set the path for Dub Poetry when it was practically unheard of.


Akiwa then set into domestic life and mothered three children, whom are home-schooled scientists, avid writers, poets, painters, junior advocates for childrens rights, etc. During this time she continued her education and obtained a Degree in Business Management, Herbal tology, Holistic Childcare and Power Yoga. By the hand of fate, she found herself a single parent and reinvented her career by delving into her humanitarian heart and taking on the CEO Position of a United Nations NGO. During this period she began writing stage-plays, screen-plays and books of poetry that lead into the creation and development of an innovative theatrical initiative titled Human Affect which promotes the original policy she created, Human Rights Learning through Arts and Athletics. This innovative policy utilizes the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the foundation for  awakening the international community to the Millennium Development Goals, Universal Declaration Treaties, ECOSOC Sustainability, Womens Issues, Indigenous Peoples Declaration, etc. Akiwa has made a full circle by following in the footsteps of her ancestors through continuing her education in Sovereign Law and International Policy. Human Affect, as a theatrical exploration, will begin touring Africa and Europe in January 2010. Akiwas hope is to do a good work and honor her many Native American Mothers who endured the Trail of Tears and her many African Father's who have overcome the perils of occupation and displacement Akiwa states, "May are be utilized to its fullest ability to speak truth, heal hearts and mend bridges through hope and love for the people!"

Stephanie Rosenberg

Yoga Peace Ambassador

Stephanie is an Executive Producer and the Host for the Interview Series of Yoga 4 Peace And Reconcilation. She is originally from Freehold, NJ and grew up in southern New Jersey by Philadelphia, PA.  Stephanie's family roots span the globe, which truly makes her a woman of the international community.  

Since the age of three years old Stephanie has known the importance of following her heart.  At three she informed her parents that she was going to pursue the life an artist, and she did. 

Soon she was dancing, singing, and acting.  Stephanie then went to Adelphi University  and achieved a BFA in Theatre.  Afterwards she attended the Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, of which she graduated the rigorous two year conservatory program.  After a summer apprenticing at the Williamstown Theatre Festival Stephanie began performing throughout New York City.  Soon she found herself partaking in Alec Baldwin's three week master class at The Ross School.  

Following all these accomplishments Stephanie realized she also had another passion.  She has a passion to make a positive impact in people's lives.  She soon studied to become a Transformational Life Coach and to this day has supported hundreds of people in accomplishing her dreams, all while continuing to persu her own.

It was at this time Stephanie developed her first one woman show, and became determined to figure out how to make a positive difference in the world through her acting.  This naturally lead to her auditioning for HUMAN AFFECT.  It was the perfect blend of Stephanies passion for Humanitarian work and her love for performing arts.  

After being cast, and while at the United Nations Stephanie took an interest in the Yoga 4 Peace & Reconciliation.  Peace, both inner peace and world peace, have been issue Stephanie has been passionate about for a long time.  This Initiative became a natural fit, and Executive Producer/Founder Sandra Nelson asked Stephanie to join her as an Executive Producer of the Initiative.  

Since then Stephanie has been thrilled to be Executive Producing.  She has found a home that truly nurtures each side of her and has found a lot of peace through this.  Stephanie is confident that Yoga 4 Peace & Reconciliation is making a big difference in the world, one Yogi, one Yoga Class, and one person at a time.

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